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Facebook Premium vs Marketplace ads: do I need to choose?

Posted on:
January 17, 2014
Facebook Marketplace vs Premium_Do I have to choose

It’s in the news everywhere. Facebook recently tweaked its News Feed algorithm to allow for more timely and relevant news. But as you might have already experienced, due to this decision, the organic reach of your posts will gradually decline over time.

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Facebook is back in town

Posted on:
November 4, 2013

I have no idea whether Mark Zuckerberg has ever read of Heraclitus, but, for sure, Facebook, his brainchild, is the embodiment of the ancient greek philosopher’s phrase “Ta panta rei” (Everything flows, nothing remains still).

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Facebook’s mobile ‘bull’s-eye’

Posted on:
February 10, 2013

“or another reason why this should be the ‘year of Mobile’ for your brand”!

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