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“What to Wear at Work” (or “the one with all the hats”)

Posted on:
June 12, 2013
what to wear at work

This is not (just) a SEO trick; it really does have a point. There are some essentials in order to be “presentable” at work, even in a working environment with a casual dress code, as mine.

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“Growing out of your comfort zone”

Posted on:
June 10, 2013

Working in a big company can be frightening after spending several years in classrooms acquiring bits and pieces of knowledge. While studying, there wasn’t much pressure.

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“The office & how to turn your frown upside down”

Posted on:
April 29, 2013
Work Environment

Are you grumpy at work? Do you feel like you’ve been working for many hours when you’ve only worked for just one or two? Do you go to work in the morning and do not want to talk to anyone either because you have so many things to do or because you already feel so…

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