Anastasia Alexopoulou


 What was the main reason why you decided to apply for this particular program?

 Have you seen the application form??? Other than identifying the trend in Marketing, which was alone a sector I was very interested in (although from a different background –study wise-), the way the apprenticeship was offered was very endearing and didn’t fall into any of the known and common. This suggested not only the innovative ways of the digital market as a sector within a sector, but also the originality in the way Think Digital Group is “doing business”. And I wanted to be a part of this!

Greece’s unemployment rate in Q3 of 2012 reached an all-time high 24.8%. What kept you motivated while on the hunt for a job?

Well, this is tricky… As a citizen of the world you are affected by the circumstances surrounding you. To fail -the word is properly used, since this is a failure- in being affected by what is happening around you, indicates either poor knowledge and information, or a highly self-absorbed individual unable to grasp that the rule of thumb states that you are better off when the majority is better off… That said -cliché alarm on the way- it is clear, more than ever, that crises and extreme situations hold opportunities and maybe even breakthroughs for the daring, the optimistic, for people eager to make a difference,. So, for me, a key point was not to see the general trend as a fixed, settled-in situation, but as a key point in the modern history of my country and the modern history regarding economic trends and patterns of the world. In this sense, I am and have been optimistic through the third quarter of 2012 –come on! Through all quarters of the last 3 years! I understand and support people who want to leave Greece for a better future, a future for that matter. However, since I can hold on to the ship for a little longer with major “adjustments” along the way, and I have found that in order to do anything you need to be positive and enthusiastic about it, that is the way I choose to go on regardless of the surveyed (or true) quarterly rates.  


You regard yourself a “Digital Thinker” because…

… I feel that I need to be in an environment where things are evolving daily and surround myself with ongoing challenges common to the Digital Media sector. Moreover, I am a “Digital Thinker” because the motive alone of trying to meet constantly evolving but always specific goals in such an environment, is thrilling enough to make me excel at it. I regard myself a “Digital Thinker” because the future of Marketing lays on Digital Marketing by meeting objectives and aiming at the right target groups, utilizing all the endless resources of the Internet and the digital world in general.


What was the last inspiring book you read?

The last inspiring book I read is probably not as fancy an answer as I would have hoped for it to be: The biography of Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson. It blew me away, how things we take for granted, platforms we use daily for communication, entertainment, education, marketing and business were once only the vision of a single person. And also, how by mere observation –and of course charisma- a person on his own could identify and for that matter create, so many needs for so many different target groups.


What’s your motto in life?

I am a strong believer of people evolving, thus needs evolve, thus believes evolve. In this sense, I have gone through different mottos depending on the time in my life, and I quite enjoy it too, not being stuck to something that doesn’t quit work anymore.. So, currently I am all about “Become who you are.” Friedrich Nietzche. Simple, inspiring, limitless and to the point.


Academic background

*Msc in Investment and Quantitative Finance, University of Westminster

*BSc in Mathematics, University of Ioannina



Watching movies –oldies, European, the lots!- listening to music, reading books & annoying people with my camera… During the summer, my interests become more physical and this is why every summer I try something new; this summer “resolution” was windsurfing and from the degree of difficulty I suppose it is going to be next summers’ resolution as well!