George Sykos

What was the main reason why you decided to apply for this particular program?

The ‘Digital Thinkers’ program reflects the need to educate people who desire to thrive in the digital sector. It seemed (and it is) like a great opportunity to learn new ideas and apply them on daily work. This apprenticeship program combines education with hands-on training. Put simply, it is a way to learn and give something back to the company. Unfortunately, Greek enterprises rarely offer such an opportunity. Therefore, it was an ideal program as it would help me match my academic background to the evolving digital marketing field. It is always encouraging when you know that your efforts have proved to be fruitful; learning and applying is the way to move on.


Greece’s unemployment rate in Q3 of 2012 reached an all-time high 24.8%. What kept you motivated while on the hunt for a job?

Undoubtedly, high unemployment is a problem which many people have to deal with on a daily basis. Whether it is a job seeker, a worker or an employer, there is a time when the future can be blur and full of surprises. It is even harder to find a strong motive that will sustain the need for personal development. However, personal development itself has been my driving force. It was my obligation to fulfill this need even in this time of high unemployment rate, considering that I am young and capable of changing my future. I had to stay optimistic because I could rely on my knowledge, my mental strength and my willingness to constantly learn from people around. I knew that I would succeed in my professional and personal life as long as I am “on the go” and never cease to evolve. One can always be optimistic about the future if positive thinking and acting defines everyday reality.


You regard yourself a Digital Thinker because…

…I reckon the significance of Social Media and digital Advertising and their effect on a company’s modern profile in terms of increasing brand awareness and total revenue.


What was the last inspiring book you read?

The last inspiring books I read were written by Nikos Kazantzakis. All of his books develop stories in which people can overcome any obstacles regarding their personal or professional life. Since his heroes come from an older period of time when technology, democratic institutions and meritocracy were absent, it is always inspiring to think that if these people succeeded in their life, then it would be even easier for the modern heroes to do so. Even in the present time of crisis, it is challenging to find or create the circumstances which will help someone to evolve. A truly inspiring book can urge someone to apply the book’s basic notion to modern reality.


What’s your motto in life?

‘’Be thirsty’’. Whether it is a new job, an educational program or simply a new acquaintance, one can only become a better person. Be thirsty for new ideas or experiences and never be afraid to make new mistakes. This never ending thirst can only be a major contribution to develop personal virtues and knowledge.


Academic background

*Bachelor degree in Business Administration and Management, University of Macedonia

*Master of Science degree in E-Commerce, Kingston University in collaboration with TEI Piraeus



Reading history books, kick-boxing, basketball