Retargeting Advertising

Retargeting Advertising

An effective way to reconnect with users that have expressed interest in your brand


• Track the specific point of action or content section in your website’s user navigation

• Reach users through the entire Thinkdigital Network or selected contextual channels

• Serve different messages to users depending on their recent choices and navigation within your site


Retargeting builds on the users’ previous navigation in your website, as it maps their navigations -from visiting your Contact Us page to Reaching the final Basket page of your e-shop- and then displays the right messages to the right users across the Thinkdigital Network. It is, therefore, an ideal advertising solution for building a long-term effective communication with your consumers.



  • Increase the conversion rate for specific actions, such as registrations
  • downloads and actual sales
  • Maximize brand awareness and influence consumer buying traits
  • Detailed and de-duplicated Full Funnel Visibility across the campaign
  • Benefit from competitive rates and gain overall better ROI



  • User visits your site
  • He/she learns about your products & services
  • Thinkdigital displays relevant ads on sites he/she visits later, bringing the user back and keeping your brand top of mind



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