Skype Advertising

Skype Advertising

24x7, Skype connects 340 million people with each other, helping them spend quality time with those who matter. This is the case also for advertisers, as ThinkDigital offers brands the chance to talk with people in a non-cluttered environment and share with them relevant information when they are more likely to engage.


3 reasons why Skype is a love brand:

- Skype users spend 2.8 billion minutes per day talking to their family, friends & colleagues

- The average Skype session is over 30 minutes                                                                                

- Skype is growing twice as fast as the world’s population


Advertising on Skype matters because…

- Skype Targeting is now available, thus enabling you to connect with the right people at the right time

- Ad exposure on Skype drives a 26% lift in intent to purchase, 17% in likelihood to recommend & 15% in brand favorability

- 62% of users take purchase recommendations from Skype network

- You can now contact users who visit Skype through their iOS & Android mobile devices


Some of the options you have:

- Skype Home Masthead expandable 650X340 banner, to build awareness &  drive brand message recall

- Skype Daily Homepage Takeover, for special occasions to rapidly build awareness for your brand message

- Skype Connection Hub Ad, to reach users as they engage in IM conversations

- Conversation Ad 300x250 & 300x600, to get into the conversation in an exclusive, uncluttered space

- Mobile Ads, to increase Reach, as over 20% of global users only connect via mobile 


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