Daily Secret

Daily Secret

It’s not a secret anymore! Daily Secret is the best way to approach those consumers who are well-educated, affluent, always connected and are considered trend-setters.


What is Daily Secret 

  • Daily Secret is the definite, digital guide to living well.
  • It offers hidden gems in 8 lifestyle categories that enable members to discover their favorite city like true insiders.
  • The Daily Secret newsletters are delivered to over 1.8 million subscribers around the world.
  • Through its daily, weekly and seasonal specialized newsletters, Daily Secret covers 40+ destinations in 3 continents.  


Why Daily Secret

  • Daily Secret delivers the hardest to get demographic.
  • Email newsletter is a very effective means of communication & Daily Secret offers on a daily basis content that its own members are eager to receive.
  • Daily Secret is an advertising solution, which offers unique opportunities to brands that want to approach their clients in a creative way and in a premium environment.
  • With over 1.8m subscribers globally, Daily Secret is a universally acknowledged best practice and one of the fastest-growing digital brands.


The Daily Secret audience

  • 96% are aged 25-44 years old.
  • 95% are in the top 2nd percentile of income
  • 92% trust Daily Secret completely
  • 85% are college graduates.
  • 84% are considered influencers (are sought for advice)
  • They forward each “secret” 3.3 times on average
  • Spend 30+ hours online per week


The proven effectiveness of Daily Secret is no longer a secret.

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