Facebook Advertising

ThinkDigital is Facebook’s Sales House of choice for 6 countries in CEE & S.E. Europe.

We are passionate about Facebook Marketing & we are the only company that offers a full scope of Facebook advertising services solutions in the countries we operate in, as Thinkdigital is the sole licensed provider of Premium advertising solutions.


How popular is Facebook in the markets of Greece, Romania, Hungary, Bulgaria, Albania & Cyprus where we operate in? Below you can find updated statistics about the reach in monthly active users per country and the penetration of Facebook:


-          Romania: 5.591.700 users (penetration of online population: 65.18%)

-          Hungary: 4.358.280 users (penetration of online population: 66.88%)

-          Greece: 3.966.380 users (penetration of online population: 78.64%)

-          Bulgaria: 2.569.120 users (penetration of online population: 74.15%)

-          Albania: 1.128.320 users (penetration of online population: 78.25%)

-          Cyprus: 582.600 users (penetration of online population: 99.61%)


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