Fan Generator

Fan Generator


“Fan Generator” is the latest Thinkdigital-powered solution, which enables you to organically grow your fan base on Facebook and set the foundations for an effective presence within Facebook’s increasingly competitive environment. How? Exclusively through the optimized use of Facebook Advertising by the experienced team of Thinkdigital, Facebook’s preferred Partner in the region.



  • Set campaign goals according to client’s needs and budget
  • Set up & run the ad campaign
  • Deliver reports regularly
  • Optimize the results of your Facebook ads
  • Generate valid fans

 How to generate fans


  • Even if you boast a large, or even massive, fan base, the acquisition of new fans should be an ongoing process. If you stop growing, soon your competition will surpass you.
  • Adding fans to your Facebook page increases your chances of engaging with potential customers and building a loyal troop of brand ambassadors.
  • With “Fan Generator” you attract valid fans, you don’t buy cheats



  • Fan acquisition campaigns are only an ingredient of your Facebook advertising mix. Why not join forces with the only ones offering Full Scope Facebook Advertising Services?
  • We understand the medium better than anyone else –we’ll help you build an efficient and consistent strategy.
  • We support you all the way: from briefing and setting the campaign goals to campaign setup, optimization and results evaluation.


“Fan Generator” can be offered either as a standalone service or jointly with other Facebook advertising solutions, in order to optimize your presence on Facebook.

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