Retargeting on Facebook

Retargeting on Facebook

What happens if you combine the massive reach of Facebook & the unique features of Facebook Exchange (FBX), with Thinkdigital’s innovative Retargeting service?

You reconnect with your users in the most effective and immediate way when they are more likely to engage!



“Retargeting on Facebook” is a premium advertising service by Thinkdigital and an extension of “Retargeting Advertising”, which has recently been successfully implemented in numerous markets and industries.  This new solution enables you, by capitalizing on FBX, to focus on those users who have already visited your website and reconnect with them in the most engaging Social Media environment!



“Retargeting on Facebook” builds on the users’ previous activity in your website, as it maps their navigations -from visiting your “Contact Us” page to reaching the final basket page of your e-shop- and then displays the right messages to the right users when they visit Facebook.

  • Track the specific navigation of users in your website
  • Reconnect with them when they visit Facebook
  • Deliver timely and relevant ad messages to your target audience based on their recent choices and navigation within your site




  • Increase the conversion rate for specific actions, such as registrations, downloads and actual sales
  • Maximize brand awareness and influence consumer buying traits


WHY RETARGETING on FACEBOOK                                                               

  • People are 240% more likely to return to your site after they’re retargeted with relevant ads on Facebook*
  • 60% of users see your Retargeting ads on Facebook within 1 hour after navigating away from your site*
  • 43% higher CTRs compared to non-customized ads*

(*Source: Triggit 2013)



  • We understand the medium better than anyone else -we’ll help you take full advantage of Facebook Exchange.
  • We are the only ones offering Full Scope Facebook Advertising Services -you can rely on us for “All things Facebook”
  • We support you all the way: from briefing and campaign goals to campaign setup, optimization and results evaluation.


“Retargeting on Facebook”can be offered either as a standalone service or jointly with Thinkdigital’s “Retargeting Advertising” in order to achieve even greater audience reach and results.


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