Thinkdigital International Network

Thinkdigital International Network

Global reach for your business: show your message to WHOEVER, WHEREVER, WHENEVER!


Consisting of 16 channels, the Thinkdigital International Network enables you to gain access to any type of audience, across the globe, crossing local boundaries & borders. Using our scale & expertise we utilize AdExchanges & Direct Deals to offer you inventories at competitive prices & flexible buying models, applying advanced targeting options, across all available touchpoints (Display, Mobile, Video).



  • You
    • Choose your fully customizable international & local audiences.
    • Select in which screens you want to run your campaign.
    • Decide your preferred buying model.


  • Thinkdigital

      Leverages the game-changing technology of AdExschanges & Programmatic to offer you competitive rates.
    • Provides “brand safe” exposure through our audited site list.
    • Managed Service – The Thinkdigital experts setup, run & optimize your campaign.



  • To reach diverse audiences throughout the globe.
  • To reap the benefits (scale, flexibility, and competitive rates) that AdExchanges & Programmatic offers.
  • To start running multiple screen campaigns.


Thanks to the Thinkdigital International Network, you can connect, among others, with:

  • English speaking local audiences browsing over international sites with english content.  
  • Expats visiting local sites.
  • Users of various nationalities glancing through international sites.
  • Global audiences – any combination of location and /or language targeting.


In order to find more about Thinkdigital’s International Network, feel free to contact us at