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“All Things Facebook” by ThinkDigital, at IMWorld 2013

ThinkDigital, Authorized Partner of Facebook in Romania and 5 other CE & SE countries, will host, in collaboration with IMWorld, its annual “All Things Facebook” conference on the 10th of October.


Running for the 3rd year in a row, the conference will take place in Bucharest on the 2nd day of Internet & Mobile World 2013 and will bring together international and local experts to offer insights and share tips, trends & best practices in Facebook Marketing.


Among the confirmed keynote speakers are Facebook’s Serhad Bolucku and Weronika Sobolak, Angelique Shierz-Crusius, Global Digital Strategist at Capcom, and Paul Armstrong, Founder of Digital Orange Consulting.


Tickets for the “All Things Facebook” conference are available on For custom offers, contact us at tickets@thinkdigital,net.