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host Mircea Serediuc

Mircea Serediuc is a Delivery Manager in IT, Podcaster, Familist, and the list can continue. Mircea believes he can develop himself by helping others develop and which is why he is shares his time and wisdom, in order for others to gain and build their dreams, walk their journey and smile all the way.

Antoccino is a kind of drink in which the ratio of espresso vs. milk foam is 1:1. Mircea Serediuc loves coffee, especially when sharing it with people who have something to say. Because they really did something.

For him, Antoccino is the perfect metaphor for dialogue: the dialogue with the guests of this podcast, where they have the questions they work on together with the answers they offer + the dialogue between him and the guests – because without guests’ feedback, what they do would make no sense and could not grow.

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