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Între showuri

host Teo, Vio și Costel

‘’Între showuri’’ is a podcast recorded by Teo, Vio and Costel between their Friday and Saturday shows at Club 99, their own stand-up comedy club located in Bucharest. On their YouTube channel, the comedians have garnered over 63 million views.

Teo, is one of the most famous stand-up comedy artists in Romania and one of the veterans of this kind of show. Teo has an outstanding experience on stage and his comedy topics are very diverse and well documented.

In this formula, Vio likes to describe himself as a Daddy Caddy of the stand-up band. He makes honest jokes, inspires Costel and is a humor barometer for his colleagues’ jokes. If Vio laughs it means that the joke is good.

One of the most popular Romanian comedians, Costel, is a storyteller and a fine observer of human attitudes, dispositions and concerns, as well as a performer with frothy and sometimes absurd humor, who manages to get close to the public every time.

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Average audience per episode

3.5k (listeners)

35k (YT views)

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