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host Raul Gheba & Costel Bojog

Somncast is a podcast for putting grown-ups to sleep, produced by Raul Gheba and Costel Bojog.

It’s a show that blends absurd storytelling with high quality production in order to create a dream like state which is both creatively stimulating and hilarious. Our aim is that our listeners never catch the end of the podcast, because they are dozing off.

Raul Gheba is a comedian, writer and copywriter known for his work in the online Romanian youtube community both as content creator and as an advertising copywriter.

Costel Bojog is one of the biggest comedians in Romania, known for his stand up comedy specials and his appearances in another really loved podcast, Intre Show-uri.

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Average audience per episode

3.5k (listeners)

20k (YT views)

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