It’s produced by key opinion leaders,
but it’s not influential marketing only
It’s audio but it’s not like radio
It’s online but it’s not a digital ad
It’s a combination of all the above
A new breed

The 1st key opinion leaders podcast network in Romania

Picture this: hundreds of thousands of people on a super stadium waiting for a big concert to start. But, instead of a big artist or band to start playing, a key opinion leader is talking about a very specific topic to this 100% engaged audience who’s there, for her or him only. And… your brand message starts the show only when all the individuals in the audience are asking for that, by pressing the PLAY button.

Our formats

Through podcasts, brands can reach more engaged listeners and deliver their message through the purest form of native advertising via host-read ads and endorsements Standard ads, similar to radio ads, are also available.

Full Endorsment

Where applicable, most of the podcast are also present in social media, so we can use social media amplification and/or work on a full endorsement using the hosts’s social media presence (subject to a separate negotiation).

Host-Read Ads

Ads that are read by the podcast host or a familiar voice. With ads read by the podcast host you get authentic endorsements in a native, seamless format. Up to 3 minutes.

Sponsored Segment (or Show)

Where applicable, your brand can be the story. Up to 10-15 minutes of interview or a full show if the topic is interesting enough for the podcaster’s audience.

Standard Audio Ads

A static ad or jingle may be included as part of the file. These ads are part of the content and included in the audio file that is downloaded. We recommend the ads to stay sharp and short: up to 1 minute (for mid-roll and post-rolls), up to 15 seconds for the pre-roll.






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