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Banii vorbesc

host Sorin & Andreea Laura Amzu, Laurențiu Mihai

Banii Vorbesc is a weekly podcast helping Romanians understand the mysteries behind credit cards, loans, savings and much more. We bring in experts and discuss financial topics in easy to understand terms.

Sorin Amzu is the co-founder of the podcast and currently is the head of Performance at Evonomix, a full-service digital agency and Chief Marketing Officer at ProductLead, a martech ecosystem that helps brands make smarter online choices.

Andreea Laura Amzu is the co-founder of the podcast and web designer at Touch-Media, a communication and development agency. She’s started writing and speaking about the importance of a brand and the empowerment of women.

Laurentiu Mihai is the most read financial blogger in Romania and the founder of The Pharmacy, a Performance Agency, and Laboratorul de Online, the digital marketing course he’s been teaching for the past 6 years.

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