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Tackle Show

host Dan Dracea

Like many great ideas, Tackle Show started over a few beers, during a meet-up in which football was widely discussed. The ideas and discussion flowed naturally, and they  thought it wouldn’t be a bad idea to record their insights and turn it into a podcast. They talk about current events and matches taking place in English football – Premier League, FA Cup and everything related to them.

The host of Tackle Show is Dan Dracea. A sports journalist and digital media specialist, Dan is involved in a range of sports projects, collaborating among others with Eurosport, Tackle.ro and PitStops.ro, as well as writing for his own sports blog. Dan was one of the founding members of the podcast, alongside Vlad Bogos, Mihai Ianoși, Vladimir Pagu and Mihai Rotariu. The host role sometimes switches between the founding fathers of the podcast.

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