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For Media Agencies

Big network, bigger knowledge

We manage a wide network of local websites and we have exclusive deals with international partners.

We also have considerable expertise in running complex campaigns on all programmatic platforms, from the “classic” Google or Facebook to Instagram, LinkedIn, Taboola, AppNexus, Spotify and many others.

Subject to specific traffic performance and/or seasonality, our network is consistently in the Top 3 local networks, according to BRAT (Romanian Joint Industry Committee for Print and Internet). See up-to-date figures here.

Our experts are known for operating the first Data Management Platform (DMP) in the industry, launched by BRAT, an instrument which allows advertisers to reach extremely specific audiences in a safe environment for the brand, on locally audited websites.
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For Publishers

Full partnership

We totally understand the needs of publishers, who aim to stay competitive in a challenging environment.

We started out as a sales house dedicated to inventory providers and we grew into a digital powerhouse, primarily because of our great expertise in maximizing revenues for the publishers we represent.

How do we do it? We operate direct sales with our own team and we develop technologies that allow us to sell as many views as possible at an attractive eCPM.

We not only run classical display campaigns, but also private data marketplaces and we bring under one roof classical traffic & revenue sources, such as Google Display Network or Facebook Audience Network with many other Demand Side Platforms (DSPs), all biding for the desired audiences, thus maximizing the transaction price.

We provide our publishers with a sales team, leading technologies, know-how, strategies and solutions to grow their targeted audience.

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