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Thinkdigital is a digital media powerhouse – a company that specializes in digital media, from monetizing advertising space for publishers to developing complex online campaigns for clients and media agency.

Founded back in 2006 by the Greek entrepreneur Odysseas Ntotsikas in Athens, Greece, Thinkdigital gradually extended to cover Southern, Central and Eastern Europe and began moving all regional operations to Bucharest in 2013.

Later in 2018, the Romanian entrepreneur Dragoș Stanca, together with Cristina Cucuiu as Managing Partner, took over the majority share of Thinkdigital and the company entered the present phase of development.

We continue to be part of TDG network – a group that holds a stake in our company. From its head office in Athens, TDG operates  several companies in the MENA region, specializing in areas that complement the work we do: ForestView (digital performance agency), TailWind (adtech), Project Agora (programmatic marketplace).

Historically, at the same time as enjoying strong partnerships with renowned local players and publishers, we have and continue to be the local or regional partner of many major global companies like Facebook (exclusive CEE premium reseller for 4 years), TripAdvisor, VICE, Skype, Viber, InMobi, Samsung SmartTV and many more. These companies chose our team for its media, marketing and sales expertise and prowess in the digital field.

Meet some of our key people

Dragoș Stanca

Managing Partner

Cristina Cucuiu

General Manager

Odysseas Ntotsikas


Iuliana Ghiorghiță

Media Strategy Director

Dragoș Cerbu

AdOps & AdTech Director

Alex Vișoiu

Head of Creative & Strategy

Alexandra Lucia Ilie

Head of Performance

Andrei Jianu

AdNetwork & Development Director

Ana Andrei

Creative Strategist

Simona Bugalete

Agency Partner

Monica Măndoiu

Client Partner

Marina Androne

AdOps Manager

Dan Huțanu

Agency Partner

Andreea Țivlică

Client Partner

Figan Memet

Mirela Mihai

Office Manager