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For Our Clients

We help our clients deliver relevant and impactful experiences by developing creative campaigns, powered by cutting-edge technologies and advanced media strategies.

We employ more tools than the vast majority of performance marketing agencies that consider Google and Facebook as the solution to all problems in digital comms.

That’s because they are not aware of others.

In real time, our experts combine the considerable might of Google and Facebook with alternative solutions: premium programmatic advertising in a brand-safe environment, content discovery platforms and many other.

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For Media Agencies

We provide fast and advanced solutions to implement, report on and optimize campaigns over our exclusively managed network.

For integrated campaigns, we also outsource media from other sales houses or combine local media from international sources and/or open platforms such as Google, Facebook, LinkedIn and so on.

In addition to that, we adapt the messages and recommend new formats in order to generate remarkable results for our clients.

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For Publishers

We offer advanced solutions to monetize traffic, through direct sales and automated systems, such as full remnant monetization, for obtaining the most valuable eCPM.

Using direct sales, our digital consultants aim to maximize revenues for local and global partners through complex campaigns or special projects, while meeting our clients’ objectives.

Apart from sales to big clients and media agencies, Thinkdigital developed a system that monetizes as many impressions as possible, by putting giants like Google in the same bidding system with other monetizing sources. If you have a website with at least 1M impressions/month, we should work together.

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For All Our Partners

We can deliver creative concepts, web pages, mobile apps, design, video production, graphics & more.

We also develop spectacular ad formats, capable to deliver the best results for your brand awareness campaigns.