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Thinkdigital introduces a novel ad network in Romania, focusing on advertising via journalistic newsletters

The online advertising network Thinkdigital unveils a new premium offering: Romania’s inaugural online ad network dedicated to journalistic newsletters.

From today onwards, clients, media agencies, PR firms, and communication strategists can reach out to a unified point of contact to access 15 newsletters. These newsletters boast over 50,000 subscribers, with a minimum of 25,000 readers for each edition.

Here’s a glimpse of the newsletters included:

With this fresh initiative, Thinkdigital remains committed to our longstanding mission: granting the Romanian media market unparalleled access to a digital inventory curated by genuine content creators. Our focus is on real people, prioritizing our readers’ interests over algorithm-driven clickbait that often leads to information chaos,” says Dragoș Stanca, Managing Partner.

Our offering provides market access to an super-premium audience that’s rarely encountered advertising. We aim to achieve this with precise metrics, basing payment solely on actual readership rather than subscriptions. Furthermore, we’re rolling out new KPIs, akin to what the market has seen with gaming networks and podcasts. As is our tradition, we innovate rather than imitate,” elaborates Iuliana Penciu, Sales and Media Strategy Director.

The company recently sold its performance marketing division and has firmly positioned itself as a trusted monetization partner for ethical digital content.

The company’s portfolio includes two other networks that are unique in Romania. One is focused on in-game advertising – recently expanded through a strategic partnership with the French company Gadsme. The other specializes in podcast advertising – another first in the market. In addition, the company offers also a „traditional” ad network platform comprised of several high-quality local content websites.

Thinkdigital, part of the international group TDG, technically supports and exclusively manages sales for the non-profit initiative Ethical Media Alliance – aiming to find, alongside other responsible actors from the media industry and civil society, practical monetization solutions for online projects and websites that promote and produce public interest content: non-commercial, informative, pro-democracy, and anti-misinformation.

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