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Romania Without HOSPICE

In Romania, a patient needs palliative special care & attention every 6 minutes. HOSPICE Casa Sperantei is one of the few places in Romania, where patients are well treated and supported in their fight against serious illness. Unfortunately, as a non-profit organization, HOSPICE is only able to survive as long as there are donations:

  • From private individuals and companies
  • Redirect 20% of companies’ taxes
  • Redirect 3.5% of revenue tax


We wanted the HOSPICE’s message to reach as many people and decision-makers in big companies as we could. In order to achieve this, we created a dedicated landing page to make people aware of the palliative care scenery in Romania and of the fact that if there was no HOSPICE, there would be nowhere for terminally ill people to go.

The content strategy and media amplification strategy we employed, led to results above all expectations.


We collected 7.791.000 lei

37% of Hospice’s 2018 budget

411 companies redirected their 20% to Hospice

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