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host Geo Iordache

Intervin is a podcast where the wines speak on your tongue. And if they don’t speak clear enough, we’re here to translate. Centered around a certain topic, each episode features an interview with a guest. The podcast episodes are more than discussions about the intrinsic qualities of the wine, they contain stories and references about history, marketing, or business. Intervin’s main goal is to enhance consumers’ education regarding wine.

Geo Iordache is a creative advertiser with a passion for the wine industry, a curious traveler in the realm of smells and tastes. He likes to talk with both wine experts and genies oozing from the wine bottles and knows how to squeeze the best stories from them. Long before writing ads or swirling wine in the glass, he was a DJ at Radio1 Brasov, so podcasting is somehow a return to his first love.

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Topics covered

society & culture

Average audience per episode

2000 (listeners)

250 (YT views)

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