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THINKDIGITAL awarded the best in-game advertising campaigns at the Gaming Video Awards 2023

In a local market boasting no less than 8 million active players, THINKDIGITAL continues to promote in-game advertising.

The company operates the first and only digital media network in Romania that offers this new communication channel to clients and media agencies.

A new category, ‘Best In-Game Advertising Campaign’, was introduced for the first time as a separate section supported by THINKDIGITAL in the Gaming Video Awards competition.

The event, initiated by Dăescu-Borțun-Olteanu with the support of VODAFONE and GEORGEBCR, spanned several weeks, culminating in the final gala on November 22.

Who are the winners of the Best In-Game Advertising category?

The winners of the section were Kaufland for their ‘Grand Job Experience‘ campaign, created by V8 Interactive and Nexus Gaming.

The Excellence Award was presented to the ‘Fraudy Tales‘ campaign, created in Minecraft by Jam Session Agency for ING Bank.

The Magnum Celestial Challenge campaign, created by Nexus Gaming for Unilever, was also a finalist.

▶️ WATCH the moment Dragoș Stanca from THINKDIGITAL handed out the awards for the best in-game advertising campaign right here.

The First In-Game Advertising Campaigns in Romania

But what do these campaigns look like?

Here are two examples: Fanta (media agency: Essence Mediacom) and KFC (media agency: McCann)

“As can be easily observed, in-game advertising campaigns can be conducted and implemented very easily, adapting concepts from online display or digital OOH.

The experience is very similar to digital out of home, but in a format that precedes advertising in digital metaverse-like media’

-as explained by Iuliana Penciu, media strategy director of the THINKDIGITAL network

What are the results of campaigns conducted through this new channel?

Here are just a few relevant examples, in the images below (click on each for details).

THINKDIGITAL recently announced – details here – that it will offer native and non-intrusive advertising spaces in 225 new games.

Consequently, the total portfolio has expanded to over 400 titles, with an additional potential reach of 2.7 million active players in Romania.

📩 To launch a campaign in this new media channel, you can contact the THINKDIGITAL team in Romania here.

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